About Us

Anew LIFE Church is a Full Gospel church, believing in the “Whole” Word of God.  The Bible is The “Good News.”  Meaning that, as we read it we gain knowledge and understanding of all the “Good” that God has prepared for those who Love and Trust Him. Through His Word we find a Life of Peace, Rest, Healing and Abundance.


Youth Program


Utilizing purely scriptural, Spirit inspired curriculum, we're instilling Christian values within our children that are based upon principles found in the Word of God.  Values such as Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Hard Work, and Loyalty.  With multiple classes designed to reach children throughout different ages and maturity, we personalize the message to benefit each child at any point in their development and growth.



Buttons & Bows is for small children (Nursery-Preschool), next is our Explorers class (Grades K-2), after that is our Voyagers class (Grades 3-5), followed by our Aviators (Grades 6-8) and lastly is our ALC Warriors Group (Grades 9-12). We have dedicated, anointed teachers who are committed to instilling Godly values into our children, and all of that within a fun, creative environment.