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         Lance Work is the Senior Pastor at Anew LIFE Church. Lance grew up on a small farm near Fairview, Tennessee. His upbringing has been centered around church and ministry from early on. At a young age he discovered a God-given talent and uncommon ability in music, being mostly self-taught in several musical instruments as well as a gifted singer and songwriter. God has always opened doors for Lance to use the gifts and anointing on his life with opportunities such as being a worship leader, Sunday school teacher, youth leader, associate pastor and co-pastor. Lance also comes from a family consisting of many pastors, teachers and evangelists. 

         Pastor Lance's father, Pastor Sam Work, is the founder of Anew LIFE Church and was ordained under Charles Cowan, pastor/founder of Faith is the Victory Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Pastor Sam was in the ministry for nearly forty years as a pastor, evangelist and a missionary to many places throughout Africa and was called into the ministry at the age of thirteen. He always had and continues to have a profound influence on his son's life and ministry. Pastor Sam made his "debut in Heaven" in December of 2020, at which time Lance was the associate pastor at ALC. Without question, the plan of God all along, which had even been prophesied, was that Pastor Sam and Pastor Lance in their respective ministries work together for a common purpose. So naturally, upon his fathers departure, Pastor Lance was instructed by God to "carry the mantel" and move forward with a mandate from God and a mission to lead Anew LIFE Church in continuing to be a "funnel from Heaven to earth" and to preach the gospel of "LIFE, the way it
should be!"

         In March of 2011, Pastor Lance met the love of his life, Amber Work(Clayborne) at a church in White Bluff, TN and a year later they were married in the same church, on March 24th 2012. Amber has a passion for worshipping God and a desire to see God's people healed, free and living in the abundance that belongs to them as heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ. She is a gifted singer, a prayer warrior and an anointed teacher. She holds a Master's degree in Business, and also teaches at a local high school. She has a connection with students and children that is special and very influential and very needful for this current generation of young people. Amber plays a vital role in leadership with Pastor Lance and is actively involved in decisions made regarding the direction and the future of Anew LIFE Church.  

         Pastor Lance is ordained under Rev Ken Cowan of Fully Persuaded Ministries, a Rhema grad and lengthy-tenured minister in his own right. Rev Cowan is a personal friend to Pastor Sam and Pastor Lance, and so graciously bestowed the honor of ordination upon Pastor Lance as an affirmation of the call of God upon his life to pastor Anew LIFE Church. Pastor Lance believes that truly the "steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord" and therefore prayerfully considers each and every decision that is made in regard to the direction of Anew LIFE Church. With a strong background of ministry and authentic Christian values, as well as a double portion of the anointing on his father's life, there is not a shadow of a doubt that Pastor Lance has always been a part of God's plan for Anew LIFE Church and Sam Work Ministries and has been chosen by God for such a time as this. 
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